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Australian chick w/ Trump vs. Turnbull scoop has big boobs   February 1, 2017

Sky News Australia’s Laura Jayes gives Team Turnbull’s spin on the Trump-Turnbull refugee kerfuffle:

The view from Malcolm Turnbull was that Donald Trump is a bully, and to confront a bully, you need to bully back…he wasn’t just sitting there, being berated by Donald Trump.

This follows Stephen Bannon’s leak to WaPo, which means 1 of 3 things:

  • (1) Trump intends to honor the deal, but publicized his displeasure so as to pacify low-information voters.
  • (2) Trump does not intend to honor the deal, and Bannon went to WaPo to shape the narrative.
  • (3) Trump just happened to be in a bad mood (which is supported by MFP’s Unified Theory of Everything).

But that is neither here nor there.

Laura has big boobs…

And, though we cannot be certain from this angle, a thigh gap…

Incidentally, you may recall that Alex Jones’ most challenging phone call came from Australia…

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