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Bwahahaha: Sean Spicer lies about #MuslimBan   January 31, 2017

MFP hereby officially declares Sally Yates a God damn American hero

[Trump] has also made very clear that this is not a Muslim ban. It’s not a travel ban.

It’s a vetting system. That’s it. Plain and simple.

But, as NBC News’ unattractive WH correspondent Kristen Welker pointed out– Trump himself called his #MuslimBan a “ban” in an early morning tweet, Monday:

And confirmed by Rudy Giuliani in a senior moment:

It’s like when you tell your wife you’re going on a business trip– but you’re really just going to bang escorts??

You may recall Fox News’ reporter Ed Henry pretended to be inconvenienced by a GOP debate in Las Vegas…

When, in fact, Henry was banging Natalia Lima…

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