Gross! Sara Bareilles complains about Trump w/ no makeup on

MP   |   Published originally January 31, 2017

Singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles called Congress to complain about Trump’s Nazi regime:

I’m nervous. I feel like I don’t know what to say. But I feel like it’s important for me to use my voice.

For decency’s sake, MFP declines to do an accurate rating.

For the uninitiated, Sara (co-)wrote 2 of the greatest, post-90’s girly songs ever…

Love Song


The latter is often confused w/ Hillary’s obnoxious official campaign song…

And Katy Perry’s retarded “Roar”…

Would Smash

Nerdy chick at Bernie Sanders breakfast, would ya?

The Regime

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The Regime

Wow, Trump’s dentures almost fall out!

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