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Kristen Soltis got hot again   January 25, 2017

Hot chicks in politics is a distinctly modern phenomenon. Even into the 1990’s, this is as hot as it got

So you can imagine that back in 2009, GOP strategerist Kristen Soltis-Whatever was the Emma Stone of the cocktail-sipping Acela corridor.

Every up-and-coming corrupt K Street lobbyist wanted to put a baby inside of her before she realized that she could have anybody.

But alas, in recent years, Kristen let herself go

And who can forget this Benghazi of a haircut

I am HIV-positive that that haircut resulted from emotional trauma of some kind. Attractive women with long, beautiful hair don’t shorten their hair significantly unless they are trying to exorcise personal demons.

Whatever the cause, perhaps her husband started getting late night texts “from work”, Kristen is getting back to her old self.

Very Elsa…

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