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Noor Tagouri is the hottest Muslim chick on Earth   January 17, 2017

Angel Garcia still loves Trump


Raw Story confused Noor Tagouri w/ the widow of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen…

The error is especially egregious because Noor Salman is gross— whereas Noor Tagouri is the hottest Muslim chick to walk the Earth.

MFP does not make such proclamations willy-nilly— but the lip thing and head tilt that followed sealed it…

I know what you’re thinking

Miss Lebanon 2014

I don’t even think Saly Greige is Muslim. She hails from the Christian village of Darshmezzine, El Koura in Northern Lebanon. I think she just hates Israel (understandable).

Litigious Muslim Student

Even though I would make love to her, Bayan Zehlif has gigantic hips. I don’t mind that on bubbly blondes– like, that works for me?? But on Muslims– even in MFP’s post-racist era— that’s asking a lot.

Accurate rating

A video posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

A video posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

A photo posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

Thick legs…

A video posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

Cooking class…??

Cooking class: Mussakhaan & Nutella Croissants. Learn with me on đź‘»snapchat! #PalestinianFood #arabicfood

A photo posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

I feel like nobody would eat Palestinian food if they didn’t have to.

It’s like when liberals pretend to enjoy Indian naan bread. It’s not a fucking cuisine, asshole. It exists because some MF-er had to make some bread and a tiny peace of meat last 6 months– it wasn’t made to titillate your fucking taste buds.

But that is neither here nor there.

Factoring in that (1) she likely looks even hotter w/out the hijab thing, and (2) the body appears to be average…

8.25 (US/UK)
7.5 (Iowa)
8.0 (Wealthy Los Angeles area)
9.2 (Tech/Politics/Economic Conference)
9.4 (Middle East)

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