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Noor Tagouri is the hottest Muslim chick on Earth   January 17, 2017

Raw Story recently confused Noor Tagouri w/ the widow of infamous Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen:

The error is especially egregious because Noor Salman is gross— whereas Noor Tagouri is the hottest Muslim chick to walk the Earth.

MFP does not make such proclamations willy-nilly, but the lip and head tilt thing sealed it…

I know what you’re thinking: “Miss Lebanon ’14 and Litigious Muslim Student”.

  • Miss Lebanon 2014

    I don’t even think Saly Greige is Muslim. She hails from the Christian village of Darshmezzine in Northern Lebanon. I believe she just happens to hate Israel, which is understandable.

    [Good reasons to hate Israel redacted.]

  • Litigious Muslim Student

    Even though I would make love to her, Bayan Zehlif has gigantic hips. I don’t mind that on bubbly blondes– like, that works for me?? But on Muslims– even in MFP’s post-racist era— that’s asking a lot.

Accurate rating

A video posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

A video posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

A photo posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

Thick legs…

A video posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

Cooking class…??

Cooking class: Mussakhaan & Nutella Croissants. Learn with me on đź‘»snapchat! #PalestinianFood #arabicfood

A photo posted by Noor Tagouri (@ntagouri) on

I feel like nobody would eat Palestinian food if they didn’t have to.

It’s like when liberals pretend to enjoy Indian naan bread. It’s not a fucking cuisine, asshole. It exists because some MF-er had to make some bread and a tiny peace of meat last 6 months– it wasn’t made to titillate your fucking taste buds.

But that is neither here nor there.

8.25 (US/UK)
7.5 (Iowa)
8.0 (Wealthy Los Angeles area)
9.2 (Tech/Politics/Economic Conference)
9.4 (Middle East)

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