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Evelyn Farkas is high AF   January 17, 2017

Credit Hardball.

03/15/17 – Please note this article was written while MFP was spreading Russian propaganda for the clicks. Circumstances have forced MFP to temporarily pause these operations, but we hope to return to the fake news/grievance model later this year.

This is the kind of crazy thing. I mean, we sound like we’re weirdos, saying that ‘we’re at war with Russia’.

This emotionally stable woman is Evelyn Farkas, fmr. US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia…

You may recall that in 2015, Farkas resigned in protest when Obama refused to threaten thermonuclear war over Ukraine.

To his credit, Chris Matthews nearly tricked Farkas into conceding that Russia may have some legitimate concerns…

They do have a paranoid belief that NATO is going to…encircle Russia.

K, but NATO is encircling Russia…

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