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MFP accurately rates that Russian chick Trump tried to bang   January 14, 2017

Katy Tur: Trump wanted to introduce me “as if I’m his wife”

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While in Moscow for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, Trump understandably invited stunning Hungarian beauty Kata Sarka back to his hotel room.

Unfortunately, Kata declined the offer– citing the age difference:

He gave me his business card with his private number, and he told me in which hotel, which room he was staying in.

[We were both married]…in addition, forty years between us.

Accurate rating

Even in her post-baby 30’s, the body is a 9…

A photo posted by Kata Sarka (@katasarka) on

A photo posted by Kata Sarka (@katasarka) on

But her un-made-up face leaves much to be desired…

A photo posted by Kata Sarka (@katasarka) on

A photo posted by Kata Sarka (@katasarka) on

I feel like every Walmart in America has at least 1 cashier with this face or better…

A photo posted by Kata Sarka (@katasarka) on

On the strength of the body alone:

7.9 (US/UK)
9.6 (Iowa)
6.9 (wealthy Los Angeles area HS)

Stuck up

Considering that this Russian beauty– who could be in Kate Middleton’s heels if the circumstances of her birth were only slightly diff’t– utterly demeans herself for just a few thousand rubles…??

Kinda stuck up.

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