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MFP accurately grades Trump’s press conference   January 11, 2017

Even Chris Matthews says #GoldenShowerGate is fake news


That was a fucking massacre.

Reporters had weeks to to collude and coordinate and strategerize. This was their chance to speak truth to power. Instead, they were scolded for the better part of 45 minutes. Their carefully-constructed questions were deflected effortlessly. Trump seemed almost disappointed at how easy it was.
  • "I'm very much a germaphobe".
  • Buzzfeed is "garbage".
  • CNN is "fake news".
  • Michael Cohen's passport.
  • Trolling Lindsey Graham for old times' sake.
  • Impossible to have a "conflict of interest" schtick.
  • Sean Spicer talking.
  • Mike Pence talking.
  • Competent, but ugly chick lawyer.

Mutually Assured Trolling (MAT)

The media loves press conferences because they can dine off the footage for weeks– their shows lead off w/ it, they come back from commercial breaks with it, and their panelists argue about it.

The problem w/ today’s presscon is that what are perceived to be Trump’s worst moments also happen to include Trump goofing on their reporters…

Each time the MSM airs these clips, they are– in effect– trolling themselves.


Buzzfeed timed #GoldenShowerGate to coincide w/ this presscon, and it blew up in their face…

On Tuesday, Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith defended publishing the widely-debunked allegations…

Incidentally, that’s the same Ben Smith that blamed pro-life conservatives for Kermit Gosnell

You may recall that just weeks after those remarks, the Koch Bros. hand-picked Smith to MC a high-profile pro-amnesty event.

Lindsey Graham

For old times’ sake…

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