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Bwahahaha: Michael Savage shocked to learn Marine Le Pen hates him

  January 10, 2017 Tweet Email
Credit Michael Savage Show
* Edited for time as per MFP's loose journalistic standards.


Walid Shoebat is one of the right-wing’s go-to anti-Islam “experts”. He is known for his provocative, some might say “incendiary” rhetoric.

According to Savage, Walid “knows more than everyone at the FBI put together”…

Marine Le Pen

Under the mistaken impression that they’re on the same side, Savage has often praised French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

But in a recent interview, Walid broke the sad news to Savage:

WALID: Le Pen, her father was very Nazi-istic–

SAVAGE: Wait, wait…you’re not saying she has Nazi sentiements, are you??

WALID: She defends her father vehemently! She wants to basically un-demonize her father…he’s a Holocaust denier…you’re Jewish…you will bawl your eyes out.

Later, Savage lamented the fact most anti-immigrant movements also happen to hate Jews– if they could just stick to hating Muslims, they’d be aces…

Very when Clayton Bigsby found out he was black…

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