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Rush Limbaugh LOL’s at Trump’s presscon

Erection 2016

MFP officially apologizes for being racist to Obama

In 2008, MFP launched a petition to impeach Obama prior to his inauguration-- and, not long thereafter-- called for his deportation.
  January 10, 2017 Tweet Email

Throughout his presidency, MFP referred to Obama as the “Terrorist-in-Chief”, urged the military to disobey his orders, and wrote crazy shit like:

Obama is operating in keeping with his demonic, Luciferian nature.

MFP wasn’t alone…

But as it turns out, the country is no better or worse off than it would have been under John McCain or Mitt Romney (who himself supported an individual mandate until 2010)…


GDP Debt as % of GDP Economic Freedom Index
US 1 104%(2008: 76%) 11(2008: 8)
China 2 31% 144
Japan 3 230% 22
Germany 4 80% 17
UK 5 89% 10
France 6 98% 75
India 7 50% 123
Canada 10 84% 6
Russia 13 12% 153
Hong Kong 30 30% 1


Murder rate Rape rate(Pre-2014 feminazi re-definition)
Carter 9.5 33.0
Reagan 8.6 36.2
Bush 9.3 41.1
Clinton 7.3 36.1 (* not incl. Clinton’s own rapes)
W. 5.6 31.5
Obama 4.7 27.4


# of police murdered in the line of duty

Reagan 822
Bush (single term) 361
Clinton 644
W. 591
Obama 521


Obama Still there.

In hindsight, it was all very Y2K…


Official apology

Dear Obama,

I guess you are not Satanic after all. Also, sorry about being racist to you.


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