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WH Deputy Chief of (Reince’s) Staff Katie Walsh

Reince Priebus’ cuckish persona led many to believe that he would be weaker than his predecessors. But to his credit, Reince is going full-Varys.
  January 8, 2017 Tweet Email
Credit Game of Thrones.

A very small man can cast a very long shadow.

Reince has moved to fill WH vacancies w/ establishment officials, while freezing out Trump loyalists.

Among his biggest coups: Palace intriguing Kellyanne Conway out of Director of Communications, getting longtime crony Sean Spicer appointed Press Secretary, and Trump-hater Katie Walsh for WH Deputy CoS…

You may recall:

  • At the NRSC, Katie opposed the (pre-amnesty) insurgent candidacies of Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee in the 2010 Tea Party wave.
  • In summer 2015, Katie trial-ballooned the infamous GOP loyalty pledge in the hopes of “boxing Trump in”.
  • Last March, Reince and Katie asked Trump to stop trolling the RNC.
  • Katie whined that Trump wasn’t doing his part to raise money.
  • Katie routinely DL-blamed Team Trump for the campaign’s lack of organization…

  • Katie happily leaked that she didn’t take any shit from Trump-in-law, Jared Kushner:

    At a meeting in New York late last month, Mr. Kushner…pointedly challenged Katie Walsh, the committee’s chief of staff, over the party’s spending plans.

    In a tone that several witnesses described as imperious and aggressive, Mr. Kushner suggested that the national committee might not be giving Mr. Trump all the support he was due.

    Ms. Walsh pushed back strongly, telling Mr. Kushner, who has no background in politics, that the committee’s fund-raising and spending are disclosed in detail to the Federal Election Commission.


Despite her having comparatively no experience and being totally unqualified, I would’ve appointed Kristine Bucci…

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