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MFP accurately rates the Trump Transition Chick   December 29, 2016

Amanda Miller

VP of Marketing Amanda Miller is best known for her role as Trump’s secretary on Celebrity Apprentice

Madeleine Westerhout

PEOTUS recently tapped Amanda Miller lookalike Madeleine Westerhout to escort VIPs during the Trumpsition…

Madeleine has been dubbed the “gatekeeper”

Here is Rick Perry raping her (by Michelle Fields’ standards)…

Accurate Rating

They look about equally hot from far away?? But Amanda is actually significantly more attractive…

Below is a numerical representation of their objective worth…

Office Environment World-Class
Amanda 9 6.75
Madeleine 7.5 5.5
Would Smash

Alexa Bliss is a PERFECT 10 by very short girl standards

The Regime

MFP accurately reax to Trump’s Afghanistan speech

Would Smash

Sasha Grey voted for Bernie Sanders in CA primary

Would Smash

Katy Tur’s knockers looked ENORMOUS at Trump press con