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MFP accurately reviews “Man in the High Castle” S2   December 28, 2016

New showrunner

Season 1 showrunner Frank Spotnitz is out— and w/ him, his love triangle, slow-burn character development bullshit. S2 is straight to the alternate reality porn…

Alexa Davalos

Our chief protagonist is Juliana Crain, who is played by 34-year-old Alexa Davalos. To her credit, even at such an advanced age, she still looks LTR-material hot…

This is Alexa in her 2002 prime, as Gwen Raiden in Angel S4…

The dropoff is almost imperceptible…

Hotter than Miss New Jersey…

Bella Heathcote

Australian actress/model Bella Heathcote’s German accent sounds a skosh Pakistani– but she makes up for it w/ her hot face…


Heinrich Himmler– Nazi, occultist, and architecht of Hitler’s extermination camps– is portrayed as a pretty chill dude that saves the day…


While often dumb garbage, Man in the High Castle is sporadically brilliant enough– 9/10.

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