Timeline: Everyone switches sides on Russia

MP   |   Published originally December 24, 2016

Conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage, circa 2001:

Go back to Russia, you fucking asshole!

Up until ~2012, it was Republicans that used supposed affinity towards Russia as a put-down– how times have changed…

The role reversal occurred primarily from 2012-2016, but can be traced back to the culture wars of the 2000’s…


VT enacts signs civil union legislation.
San Francisco illegally issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
MA becomes the 1st state to legalize gay marriage.
CA Supreme Court rules the state’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional– invalidating a public referendum.
Putin becomes President (again).
Obama and outgoing Russian President Medvedev caught on hot mic expressing a willingness to work together.
Obama mocks Mitt Romney’s concerns about Russia w/ the famous “the 80’s called, they want their foreign policy back” line.

The caricature of Obama as subservient to Russia reinforced lingering Cold War sentiments– conservatives remained deeply suspicious of Russia, while liberals still had fondness for their anti-Reagan ally.

Here’s when things began to change…

Federal courts strike down California’s gay marriage ban– fueling a sense of marginalization and persecution among conservatives.
Putin cracks down on gays.
Courts force Christians to render services for gay weddings.

Not even Fox News would come to their defense…

Obama trolls Putin by sending gay athletes to the Sochi Olympics.

At this point, both sides’ default positions softened. Many conservatives began to see Putin as a cultural ally, while Putin’s gay adoption ban alienated liberals.

Obama threatens to bomb Syria for crossing his “red line”— giving rise to a loose coalition of disaffected conservatives, Ron Paul libertarians, “intellectual” racists, and conspiracy theorists (MFP is among the latter).
Russia begins using alternative methods to undermine US efforts in Syria.
Russia invades Ukraine after US-sponsored coup.
The Alt-Right begins to coalesce behind Russia, while the Left is increasingly hostile.
In a leaked speech, Hillary compares Putin to Hitler.

That was the last straw.

When Hillary and the liberal media became staunchly anti-Russia, tribalism dictated that grassroots conservatives and less popular talk show hosts had to take the opposition position…

The post-erection “you’re fake news, no you’re fake news” kerfuffle helped cement the conservative role-reversal.

For their part, “red diaper doper babies” did not fully embrace anti-Russian neoconservatism until 2016– when it became apparent that Putin was openly campaigning for Trump…

MFP’s history of shilling for Putin

MFP first began parroting Russian propaganda in 2014– more so to troll Obama and the GOP Establishment than any genuine affection for Russia…

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