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The blonde watching Dancing Mom looks like the SUPER HOT CHICK from that shitty Canadian TV show   December 22, 2016

Would, but that is neither here nor there…

Lost Girl

Lost Girl is an indescribably shitty Canadian TV show about a succubus w/ a heart of gold. I watched the entire series after falling in love w/ Ksenia Solo (more on her later).

The lead was played by a fat chick named Anna Silk…

It was weird, because everyone had to pretend that she was hot.



The sidekick was played by the aforementioned Ksenia Solo, who they tried to make uglier because otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense…

Sometimes, she would speak Russian, and it was so hot…



In season 3, they introduced the essentially flawless Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin…

I feel like equally-talented, but way uglier girls are more famous for some reason…??


The Only Good Scene

The best scene of the entire series is when Kenzi and Tamsin were forced to participate in a mystical dance-off because, who cares…

Dancing Mom

The point being, the blonde chick enjoying Dancing Mom vaguely resembles Tamsin…

Little bit…??

The Regime

Please God, make Trump invade or nuke North Korea

The Regime

Bwahahaha: Mick Mulvaney is retarded

The Regime

BOOM! Supreme Leader reveals fact covered up by the disgusting media!


Nobody wanted to hang out with Justin Trudeau at the G20