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Rush Limbaugh: The CIA tricked George W. Bush into invading Iraq   December 12, 2016

Bwahahaha: #Pizzagate annoys PBS

Credit Rush Limbaugh Show.
* Edited for time as per MFP's loose journalistic standards.

Over the years, El Rushbo’s justification for the Iraq War has evolved– from “What’s the big deal, everybody thought Iraq had WMDs!” to “Iraq really did have WMDs, but they were smuggled into Syria!”.

His latest theory is that the CIA tricked George W. Bush into invading Iraq in order to cause his poll numbers to plummet:

George W. Bush’s approval numbers ended up around 30% as a result of all of this…my theory is that…intelligence people…can undermine anybody if they set their mind to it…They can undermine. They can lie to a president.

Don’t tell me that the CIA isn’t politicized when everything the hell else is!

Except we know that the Bush WH– Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby, specifically– pressured the CIA into arriving at certain conclusions.

This (and Plame-ghazi) led to the personal rift between Bush and Cheney that persists to this day:

By the second term…as [Cheney’s] vision came under fire with the deterioration of Iraq and the failure to find the weapons that led to the invasion, Bush moved away from Cheney and turned increasingly toward Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who supplanted Cheney as the president’s most influential lieutenant.

Why all the convoluted theories?

We have an intrinsic need to see order in chaos, to find purpose in happenstance– we cannot accept that thousands of soldiers are dead or missing limbs because of garden-variety, bureaucratic fuck-upery…

Which leads us to…

MFP’s Unifying Theory of Everything

  • Why did we really invade Iraq?
  • Why do we really want to depose Bashar al-Assad?
  • Why did it really take 10 years to capture Osama bin Laden?
  • Why are we really cool w/ some brutal dictators but not others?

The answer is:

How many times have you fucked up today? Now multiply that by 7 billion people.

So, why did Trump really accept a phone call from Taiwan?

Was he sending a signal to China? Was he pressuring China to exert greater control over North Korea? Was he playing 47-dimensional chess????????

Most likely, Trump was playing Words with Friends when the call came in. When he tried to hit ‘ignore’, he accidentally picked up.

Shit happens.

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