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Bwahahaha: #NeverTrump’s Katie Packer now sucking Trump’s balls   December 7, 2016

Credit Meet the Press.

#NeverTrump’s Katie Packer is singing a different these days.

During the GOP primary, fmr. Romney 2012 deputy campaign mgr. and founder of Burning Glass Consulting made it her mission to defeat Trump.

As head of the largest GOP anti-Trump super PAC, Our Principles, Packer warned:

w/ Trump at the top of the ticket, we not only lose the White House, we definitely lose the Senate, we very likely lose the House, and we probably lose elections for a generation, because we have somebody who’s known to be a sexist, very likely a racist.

Even when Trump became the likely GOP nominee, Katie was determined to throw the erection to Hillary– producing such ads as:

As late as September 2016, the erection in the balance, Katie campaigned on behalf of 3rd party candidate Evan McMullin in the hopes of sabotaging Trump’s chances in Utah.


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