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Man of the people Tucker Carlson: Tea Party conservatives are “morons”   December 4, 2016

The Summer of Trump

Tucker Carlson is an anti-establishment, defender of the common man. Each night at 7pm EST, he helps drain the swamp w/ his plucky, yet affable demeanor.

But just a few years ago, Tucker was your run-of-the-mill DC hack…

Tea Party “morons”

Tucker tells Martha McCallum that Karl Rove’s anti-Tea Party PAC American Crossroads is a much-needed “gatekeeper keeping morons from running for office”…

Sarah Palin

Tucker sides w/ Karl in his feud w/ Sarah Palin…

Greta Van Susteren

Greta scolds Tucker for publishing misogynistic remarks about Sarah Palin. After the uproar, Tucker “added context” aka threw in a bunch of shit to make it seem like a legitimate article (no judgment, MFP does that all the time)…

Mickey Kaus

Anti-amnesty activist Mickey Kaus resigned from Tucker’s website after Tucker personally pulled an article accusing Fox News of pro-amnesty bias…

“It’s pretty simple,” Kaus said in an interview, “I wrote a piece attacking Fox for not being the opposition on immigration and amnesty — for filling up the airwaves with reports on ISIS and terrorism, and not fulfilling their responsibility of being the opposition on amnesty and immigration…. I posted it at 6:30 in the morning. When I got up, Tucker had taken it down. He said, ‘We can’t trash Fox on the site. I work there.'”

But thanks to Fox News’ low-information viewers, Tucker’s strategery paid off…


To be fair, MFP’s ideology has swung wildly from borderline racist…to open-borders libertarian…to anti-amnesty…and currently, cynical curmudgeon.

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