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Dana Perino thought Trump’s hats were a bad idea   November 30, 2016

Kristin Tate understandably checks herself out

Dana Perino reax to the primetime debut of Trump’s #MAGA hat:

I have a quibble with the hat, and I think it looked really bad.

In retrospect, it’s OG.

But at the time, the whole thing was surreal AF…

Credit @JamesHohmann Instagram.

Naomi Wolf would be aghast:

Vice President Al Gore paid Wolf thousands of dollars a month for advice on presentation, from the tones of his speeches to the color tones of his wardrobe. The Washington Post relayed that Wolf “has long contended that earth tones are more ‘reassuring’ to audiences’ ” and that she is “the person behind Gore’s recent wardrobe change.”

Credit Scott Applewhite / Associated Press

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