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Kellyanne Conway shows off cleavage   November 16, 2016

CNN “investigation” makes Laura Ingraham look crazy

Credit NBC News.

Kellyanne Conway denies reports that Jared Kushner has gone full Uday and Qusay Hussein– purging Team Christie like Kurds, post-Gulf War:

Completely false!

The blood feud is rooted in Christie’s 2005 prosecution of Kushner’s scumbag dad:

Kushner paid a prostitute $10,000 to lure his brother-in-law to a motel room at the Red Bull Inn in Bridgewater to have sex with him. A hidden camera recorded the activity, and Kushner sent the lurid tape to his sister, making sure the tape arrived on the day of a family party.

But that is neither here nor there…

I feel like they’re getting tugged to the side…??

Ugly necklace…

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