Giselle Leon reax to anti-Trump protests

MP   |   Published originally November 14, 2016

Retired adult actress Giselle Leon is repulsed by cucks:

‘Oh, you’re so beautiful, you’re so sexy’. I’m like, ewwgh!

I feel like she looks hotter faux-cazh…


Anti-Trump protests

Giselle reax to anti-Trump protests across the country:

Hearing about all this flag burning and violent hateful protests it makes me wonder if these people even have a clue. So I have to ask-

Do you want more taxes taken out of your pay checks? Do you want to pay an absurd amount for health care? Do you want illegals taking your jobs and creating more competition for you to get a job bc they’ll work for less pay than you? Do you want more drugs coming into the country? Do you want it to remain easy for anyone to come into the country who could potentially be extremely dangerous?

Stop and think about what you’re protesting and what you truly do believe.

BJ Penn nod dot gif.

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