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Chael Sonnen: Charles Krauthammer “sucks at his job”   November 11, 2016

Bubbly feminazi that hates Trump, would ya?

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Chael reflects on ’16:

One of my biggest frustrations watching this whole election was the pundits.

There’s a guy on Fox named Charles Krauthammer…he’s got a face for radio…and he sucks at his job.

He’s a very intelligent guy. But emotions got the best of him. Trump insulted him, and Krauthammer never got over it!

It is commonly believed that the Trump-Krauthammer feud began this past summer, when Krauthammer repeatedly mocked Trump and dismissed his candidacy.

Trump responded by calling Krauthammer a “loser”…

In fact, the feud goes back years.

In ’11, it became so toxic (by pre-’16 standards) that Trump personally called Krauthammer to deescalate the situation…

It didn’t take…

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