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Bubbly feminazi that hates Trump, would ya?   November 11, 2016

Laci Green reax to the Trumpocalypse…

In happier times

Day 1 at #DNCinPHL…

With fired, all your kids belong to us MSNBC chick…

Trolling pro-life activists…

Very chubby Riley Reid (editorial note)

Like, if she lost 20 lbs…??

Or 30 lbs…??

Erection 2016

That time Trump called a shipping magnate a “Chinaman”

Why is our side so dumb?

Stupid idiot O’Reilly thinks the erectoral college was designed to empower smaller states

The Regime

Bwahahaha: Trump lawyer made millions from “charity”

Would Smash

Carrie Prejean only depreciated 2.75 points since 2009 prime