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Flashback: Katy Tur insists Donna Brazile did nothing wrong   October 31, 2016

MFP accurately reviews Doctor Strange

Credit MSNBC.

On Oct. 14, CNN contributor Donna Brazile was quietly forced to resign after it was revealed she provided Team Hillary w/ multiple debate questions in advance.

CNN, in a statement:

We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about [Brazile’s] interactions with the Clinton campaign.

But earlier this month, MSNBC’s Katy Tur and Andrea Mitchell attacked Trump for referencing the story:

KT: CNN denied any collusion. There’s just no evidence to support this whatsoever.

AM: Oh, that was completely knocked down.

KT: There is absolutely no evidence…but Donald Trump is going for it, regardless.

Katy used the following hand gestures to convey her absolute certainty:

MFP contacted MSNBC and Katy Tur for comment. No response as of 12pm EST.


In Aug. 2015, Katy Tur mocked Trump’s concerns about Anthony Weiner— calling it “crazy”, and rolling her eyes dismissively…

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