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BREAKING: Hat-mouth thing catapults Nana into Hottest Chick in Asia contention   October 23, 2016

Chael Sonnen is told to stop referring to people as “Jew”

h/t MC.

The hat-mouth thing is precisely why MFP only updates continental rankings once per year

In much the same way our Founders devised safeguards against “the passions of the people”— these regulations keep us from becoming “prisoners of the moment”.

When the time comes, the hat-mouth thing is just one of many factors that must be taken into consideration…


Admittedly, MFP’s rankings are biased towards assassin/secret agent-looking chicks…

BJ Penn nod dot gif…


Has bad angles…

Farts on people…

Coming soon: Annual Hottest African American and/or Caucasian GILF.

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