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The Apprentice UK star claims he has more money than Trump   October 18, 2016

Latest PC casualty: Teruto Ishihara’s “bitches”

Credit GMB.

I once challenged him…‘let’s write a check out for £100 million…and present it at the bank and see which one gets paid’…I don’t think he’s got any money.


Lord Sugar owns a restaurant. And from that restaurant emerged this exquisite (albeit, super promiscuous-looking) blonde…

Credit Xposure, The Sun.

Credit Xposure, The Sun.

I’m a big fan of women overdoing their makeup to the point they look like sex robots that only exist for my pleasure??

So, this really works for me…

Credit Fern Howe-Shepherd IG.

Credit Fern Howe-Shepherd IG.

What is fascinating is that– of the two– the facially unattractive redhead is the D-list celebrity.

The blonde is makeup artist Fern Howe-Shepherd– whose forays into legitimate modeling have been unjustly thwarted by her lack of height:

Freelance Celebrity Makeup Artist. For bookings email me.

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