You know who I want to make love to? Hillary supporter “debased” by Trump

Rich W   |   Published originally October 10, 2016

When the Clinton accusers– are they called– walked in…it was really disappointing that this is what the debate turned [into].

Sunlight-induced face-scrunching, notwithstanding…


If I had to nitpick…??

I feel like her voice is almost too confident and assertive?? But she makes up for it with insecure and vulnerable body language.

Chael Sonnen hates #NeverTrump

Would Smash

S.E. Cupp says she is “disgusted” by men lusting after her, but her WHCD dress suggests otherwise

Would Smash

I can’t think of an appropriate headline for this article

Would Smash

Nerdy chick at Bernie Sanders breakfast, would ya?