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BREAKING: Hottest Chick in Mexico’s English Isn’t Very Annoying   October 2, 2016

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27-year-old Sofia Sisniega was born in the Free and Sovereign State of Morelos in South-Central Mexico– but studied in NYC (dual citizen). Sofia is best known for her role in Gossip Girl: Acapulco

I know what you’re thinking:

Yanet Garcia.

Yanet’s derriere is beyond reproach, but Sofia has a hauntingly beautiful face…

How can she be so hot?

We can only assume that she is somehow related to Anna Simon– the hottest woman in Spain circa 5-10 years ago…

And/or remember that time in the 1860’s– France invaded Mexico, and Napoleon’s nephew installed his own emperor??

Congress was not happy with a European power involving itself in the affairs of our hemisphere– issuing this joint resolution:

The Congress of the United States are unwilling, by silence, to leave the nations of the world under the impression that they are indifferent spectators of the deplorable events now transpiring in the Republic of Mexico; and they therefore think fit to declare that it does not accord with the policy of the United States to acknowledge a monarchical government, erected on the ruins of any republican government in America, under the auspices of any European power.

Due to the Civil War, ‘Murica was in no position to intervene. By the time it was over, Mexican forces were victorious, and Napoleon III eventually withdrew.

In any case, maybe some French dude got in there??


If I had to nitpick?

I feel like her smile makes her– still hot– but not as hot…??

I prefer when she appears to be thinking deep and/or mysterious thoughts…

Her English isn’t very annoying

Most foreign-born Spanish-speakers’ English is obnoxious, but Sophia’s is adorbs…

I find this masturbating clown bit fairly clever, tbh…

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