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BREAKING: RG3 has a type   October 2, 2016

Mark Capra Tweet Email

You may recall MFP’s patented behavioral algorithm predicted RG3’s divorce nearly 2 years before it happened:

MFP can conclude with near-divine certainty that RG3 will divorce before 2017.

RG3’s type

First, there was the platonic fans…

Then, there was the platonic Hooters’ waitress…

Then, there was the platonic chick in his hotel room…

And now, there’s Grete Šadeiko— Estonia-born, Florida St. athlete majoring in psychology…

If I had to nitpick??

I hate her accent and the manly timbre of her voice…

Grete thinks she can love and support RG3 (or any man) into fidelity…


Such devotion might buy you 5 to 10 seconds of hesitation– maybe.

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