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Rush Limbaugh: If nat’l debt is so bad, how come the economy keeps growing?   September 30, 2016

This was pretty cool, dammit

El Rushbo reax to the nat’l debt as “fiscal child abuse”…

I remember my parents and grandparents warning about the national debt…for 50 years, I have heard people warn about the ramifications of running up this debt…and throughout the 50 years, I don’t think anybody can dispute that the economy has grown.

All my life, I heard how [debt] was gonna be the end of me– and it hasn’t been.

This is the one area in which Rush has repeatedly questioned (not disputed, questioned) conservative orthodoxy.

2014: Those warning of economic collapse sound like Chicken Little…

On Detroit and Greece…

Detroit clearly has collapsed…[yet] people live there and go to work. Detroit still has the Detroit Lions, they got the Detroit Pistons, they got the Detroit Red Wings!

The last I heard, Greece was finished. But planes are landing there, and people are living there, and they’re getting healthcare there, and they’re eating and they’re drinking there, and they’re going fishing.

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