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BREAKING: New York Times columnist is retarded   September 18, 2016

In response to this graphic

NYT columnist Robert Draper tweeted…

1st-rate selectivity here (different dates for each state to produce preferred outcome)

Actually, the #’s cited in the graphic accurately reflect the latest polling data from each of those states– as compiled by RealClearPolitics (generally regarded as a non-partisan authority) as of today, Sept. 17…

Fap check

Although few expect Trump to sweep all 5 states (unprecedented for a post-Reagan Republican)– Draper’s accusation that the #’s were cherrypicked to convey a false narrative is…

Erection 2016

“Trump Senpai” chick, would ya?

The Regime

MFP apologizes to John McCain after Trumpcare vote

Erection 2016

Please God, let this be Trump’s Director of Minority Outreach

Erection 2016

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