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Miss America ’17 pageant is a fucking disgrace   September 12, 2016

Mark Levin vs. Totally Unreasonable Elderly Woman

Mark Capra Tweet Email


Miss Arkansas Savvy Shields was the least gross at the leper colony that was the Miss America ’17 pageant…

On the anniversary of 9/11, no less.

American exceptionalism, no more– each sea creature contestant was more disgusting than the next…

Miss MO

Miss TX

Miss NY

Is this a fucking joke…??


Miss Hooters Int’l: Sable Robberts

Compared to the gargoyles above, Miss Hooters Int’l 2016 Sable Robberts is a fairy tale princess…

Even the gayest among us can see that Sable is hotter than Miss AK…

Meet “the Ken to her Barbie”…

Thanks, Obama.

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