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Neocon Laura Ingraham is totally retarded   August 25, 2016

Credit Laura Ingraham Show.

Fmr. Reagan admin. speechwriter Laura Ingraham reax to a tense encounter between US patrol craft and Iranian vessels:

This stuff is gonna keep happening unless America gets strong again.

Do you think any of this would happen if Ronald Reagan were president?

Uhhhh, yeah.

October, 1983: Terrorists suicide bomb US marine barracks…

A suicide terrorist driving a truck loaded with TNT blew up an American Marine headquarters at the Beirut airport today, killing at least 161 marines and sailors and wounding 75.

After initially pledging to keep military forces in Lebanon, Reagan decided to cut and run.

To Reagan’s credit, he was secure enough w/ his penis size to walk away– time after time after time after time after time…









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