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MFP accuracy rating back up to 94% after RG3 divorce   August 16, 2016

Even Pat Buchanan thinks Trump’s #RNCinCLE sucked

Mark Capra Tweet Email

MFP’s accuracy rating is the gold standard, but recently dipped below 93.5% due to:

Back up to ~94% based on:

Excerpted from the May 9, 2014 article: Behavioral algorithm predicts RG3 will divorce wife before 2017..

MFP can conclude with near-divine certainty that RG3 will divorce before 2017.

In consultation with his legal team, Griffin has probably already set the wheels of divorce in motion– starting petty arguments at every opportunity. In doing so, he will give himself enough time to attend several months of failed marriage counseling, thereby giving the impression that he did everything in his power to salvage the relationship, but that he and his wife just “drifted apart”.

Oh, and this looks totally innocent…

CBS: Robert Griffin III Reportedly in the Process of Filing for Divorce.

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