Actually, Reagan had a 30-point lead over Carter by summer 1980

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MP   |   Published originally August 15, 2016

Roger Stone claims Reagan trailed Carter until his stellar debate performance catapulted him into the lead:

I never expected…for [Trump] to be ahead of Hillary until the end. Ronald Reagan was never ahead [until the end].

Actually, in May 1980, Lou Harris (Harris Survey) wrote:

Reagan has emerged as the candidate most likely to win the 1980 presidential election…the American electorate has become increasingly favorable to a Reagan candidacy.

Reagan pulled into a lead just weeks later…

That lead would balloon to nearly 30 points over the summer…


Reagan Carter
CBSJun 47 37
GallupJun 45 42
NBCJul 41 27
ABCJul 61 33
NBCAug 47 22
GallupAug 45 31

These huge margins were referenced in Rendezvous with Destiny by noted Reagan biographer, Craig Shirley:

A new poll…had Reagan opening up an eye-popping 55-24 percent lead…In a Lou Harris poll, Reagan was leading by a whopping 61-33.

The claim that Reagan was “never ahead” until the end of the campaign is resurrected every election cycle– but is empirically w/out merit…

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