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Heartache: Obama brought in fewer refugees than Reagan or Bush   August 6, 2016

MFP’s track-by-track review of Jill Stein’s folk rock album

The internetz is financially incentivized to manufacture crises.

Irrational rage made liberal troll Markos Moulitsas a multi-multi-millionaire. It pays for the chauffeur that drives Tucker Carlson’s children to private school.

Ignorance is the monetary lifeblood of the online umbrage industry.

The latest ex:

“10,000”, “150”, “441”, “eight THOUSAND”.

Low-information Republicans are being had…

Reagan’s refugees

Year Ceiling Admitted
1981 217,000 159,252
1982 140,000 98,096
1983 90,000 61,218
1984 72,000 70,393
1985 70,000 67,704
1986 67,000 62,146
1987 70,000 64,528
1988 87,500 76,483
Total 659,820

HW Bush’s refugees

1989 116,500 107,070
1990 125,000 122,066
1991 131,000 113,389
1992 131,000 132,531
Total 475,056

Obama’s refugees

2009 80,000 74,654
2010 80,000 73,311
2011 80,000 56,424
2012 76,000 58,238
2013 70,000 69,926
2014 70,000 69,987
2015 70,000 69,933
2016 (70,000-85,000) (70,000-85,000)
Total ~557,473 (high est.)

* #’s compiled by AY.

I know what you’re thinking

  • But we’ve never taken in so many refugees from enemy territory before!!

    Actually, the Soviet Union is widely regarded as our greatest post-WW2 threat w/ a vaunted spy and saboteur network. But George HW Bush took in ~190,583 refugees from Soviet territory during his 1-term presidency (an increase that began under Reagan).

  • But we’ve never taken in so many refugees from places w/ no documentation!!

    Actually, the US took in ~400,000 “Vietnamese Boat People” during the Reagan and Bush presidencies.

  • But they rape babies!!

    Actually, there is a 99.99999999999999% chance you will die of heart disease or cancer. If you’re wary of minorities, you are infinitely more likely to be the victim of natural-born African-American citizens.

  • Honestly?? You’re probably right, but…

    Actually, that’s a normal human reaction. See: Bernie Madoff’s victims.

Liberals are stupid too

The same kind of irrational panic runs rampant in liberal circles.

For ex: Guns.

As pointed out HERE, the dreaded “mass shooting” pales in comparison to pools or the flu (the flu)…

Number of American Deaths (domestic)

Per year avg. Total
Mass shootings(20152016) ~469 ~938
Pools(non-boating) 3,536
Flu 24kNPR


Your darkest fears (Syrian refugees, scary guns, etc.) were manufactured in ~20 minute strategery sessions by consultants drinking venti Chai Lattes at a Starbucks in Virginia.

When we rant about these issues at Free Republic or Daily Kos, they’re just like…

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