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BREAKING: Peyton List renounces homophobia and racism   July 25, 2016

Trump RNC bounce baffles CNN anal-yst

Mark Capra Tweet Email


For the uninitiated, Peyton List is almost certainly– barring a Lindsey Lohan-level mental breakdown– the GOAT fmr. Disney Channel actress…

For the record, I would literally eat a baby koala bear alive as it screamed in agony for just 5 minutes…

Geek glasses

Are those really necessary? I mean, do you need all the cocks or…??

Save some for Baskin Champion, jeez…

Context: Portlandia’s “Actual Nerd PSA”…

Which, as you might expect, was deemed sexist by Slate’s David Haglund:

The idea that women are not real nerdsโ€”and that some of them are, for whatever reason, faking itโ€”is a fairly common and pernicious notion.

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