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Ted Cruz ’16 vs. Reagan ’76   July 21, 2016

Wow: Ivanka saw Ted Cruz’s heel turn coming all along #RNCinCLE

Ronald Reagan challenged a sitting Republican president.

Here’s why Reagan gets a pass, and Ted Cruz doesn’t…

  • 1) Endorsement

    Ted Cruz suspended his campaign in May, whereas Reagan did not concede defeat until Day 4 of a highly contentious, RNC.

    Reagan did not explicitly endorse Ford, but he was incredibly gracious, and gave Ford what he wanted: A show of unity…

    Under the circumstances, that was as good as a ringing endorsement.

  • 2) Campaigning

    Almost immediately, Reagan at least gave the impression that he was “vigorously” campaigning for Ford:

    Reagan…has announced he will campaign hard and vigorously for Ford because “we need a Republican president”…he sent telegrams to key Republican workers in California, saying it was “important that the process of bringing the party together starts here.”

  • 3) Persona

    Ted Cruz’s face can’t be helped, but it is a factor…

    Reagan, at a comparable age (43)…


In other words, Helen Stifler could be distant for weeks, have a prescription drug addiction, and reveal $15k of debt after you’re married.

You still would try to make it work…

Whereas if Democrat strategerist Gabi Domenzain was on fire– you wouldn’t stop, except maybe to take a selfie so you’d have proof when you tell people, “bro, I saw somebody on fire”…


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