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I would join the Peace Corps. for Chelsea the Code Pink protester   July 19, 2016

Mark Capra Tweet Email


Grumpy old lady grabs Code Pink co-director Alli McCracken’s “Yes We Can End War” sign at #RNCinCLE…



Another Code Pink protester that hates Trump is Chelsea Byers.

Despite my reservations about Chelsea’s ideology?? The heart wants what the heart wants…

I feel like, we would have sassy banter, at first??

But, after a while, our chemistry would just be undeniable…

That thigh gap…

BREAKING: 1 vote doesn’t actually make a difference.

So, if I have to renounce #2A, so be it…

She even looks cute in jorts…

You may recall Chelsea annoyed Trump in Las Vegas, earlier this year…

I know this is moving really fast? I don’t even know her that well, or at all??

But I would join the Peace Corps. and build houses in Africa with her…

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