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I got in an argument with Ted Cruz supporters at #RNCinCLE   July 18, 2016

* The following occurred during the rules kerfuffle preceding the attached Ken Cuckinelli video.

** Submitted hurriedly by text.

*** Edited by MP for readability.

ME: I heard [Ken] Cuckinelli is voting for Hillary.

3 CRUZLIMS: We’re voting for Hillary.

ME: Then what the fuck are you here for?

3 CRUZLIMS: We are Cruz supporters.

ME: You’re pathetic, get the fuck out of here.

The conversation was cut short by votes on the floor.

Later, I screamed at Cuckinelli, but I can’t confirm that he heard me.

People here are vowing to boo Ted Cruz when he speaks. They blame him for not reigning in his Cruzlims.

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