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MFP accurately casts Natalia Dyer as Katie Glueck   July 17, 2016

Bwahahaha: Ben Carson doesn’t deny Trump had second thoughts about Pence

At last, an actress w/ the beauty and talent to believably approximate Katie Glueck’s hot (but creepy) puppy dog eyes

Katie Glueck

K, unless the cameraman turned into a werewolf, there is no reasonable explanation for this procession of facial expressions…

Natalia Dyer

Sadface for when Jim Vandenhei is a dick…

The rest of the cast, so far…

MFP: The Movie

* Actors are necessarily 4-6 points hotter than the real-life characters they portray.

Ted Cruz

Toby Leonard Moore
Billions, Daredevil


Heidi Cruz

Natalie Dormer
Game of Thrones, The Tudors


Katrina Pierson

Rosabell Laurenti
Game of Thrones


Sarah Flores

Judy Greer
Always Sunny, Californication


Amanda Carpenter

Alycia Debnam Carey
The 100, FtWD


Michelle Fields

Deborah Ann Woll
Daredevil, True Blood

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