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Good Trump polls baffle MSNBC   July 13, 2016

Post-primary, pre-convention polls are notoriously unreliable– but hard to pass up an opportunity to revel in yet another edition of Trump baffles liberal experts:

Why is Donald Trump doing well in Pennsylvania? Why is he doing well in Ohio? Why is he ahead doing well in Florida w/ all the Hispanic voters who should be flooding to Hillary Clinton!?

Reading swing state polls, I got through about the 3rd where Trump was ahead and you just kinda laughed…I was doing the same thing…how could this be happening??

Polls referenced above…

Dear God, please don’t let Trump ruin this by picking Newt or Pence…

The Regime

See, I told you God would punish the New England Patriots for supporting Trump

Would Smash

Katie Glueck tries to do teh newz

Do you even UFC bro?

MMA lesbians, would ya threesome?


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