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Fox News All-RINO panel inaccurately predicts Trump’s VP   June 25, 2016

Charles Krauthammer

Stephanie Gays

David Cantalope

Newt Gingrich, Bob Corker, and Mary Fallin are out because a New Yorker– especially Trump– isn’t going to pick somebody that looks right out of Deliverance.

Moreover, Gingrich and Corker were critical of Trump at a time when vetting would have been taking place. The fact that they felt free to speak openly re: Judge Curiel suggests they were not vetted.

Updated odds

w/ Hillary up, Rubio out, and Trump increasingly pressured to gamble…

Rank Now May ’16


Scott Brown Scott Brown


Tom Cotton Tom Cotton


Jim Webb Marco Rubio


Marsha Blackburn John Kasich


Chris Christie Chris Christie
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