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BREAKING: Chael Sonnen’s knowledge of geopolitical affairs is somewhat limited   June 16, 2016

MMA superstar Chael Sonnen accurately claims Russia has never been attacked:

When’s the last time Russia had a 9/11? NEVER.

Not that it matters, but in 2014, the Institute for Economics and Peace Global Terrorism Index ranked Russia 11th out of 162 countries most affected by terrorism– not far behind Iraq (1) and Afghanistan (2).

Since Putin took power in 1999, there have been ~100 terrorist incidents, including:

Chael continues:

[Putin] invaded the Ukraine [and] he didn’t kill a single person.

Not that I care, but…

Casualities of Ukraine crisis
Wikipedia / LA Times

Civilians ~8,000
Ukraine armed forces 2,960
Russian allies 2,171
Russian armed forces ~400

To Chael’s credit, his wife Brittany is gorgeous…

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