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Cut the shit: Mary Fallin won’t be Trump’s VP   June 15, 2016

“Trump Senpai” chick, would ya?

KOCO 5: Gov. Fallin meets w/ Trump fueling VP buzz…

If I were to receive a call that said, ‘I need you to help make America great again,’ I’d be happy to take that call.

The buzz benefits both parties, but Fallin clearly does not meet Trump’s definition of “looking presidential”– it is not difficult to divine what he’s thinking when he looks at her…

To her credit, Fallin was LTR material 50 years ago…

I know what you’re thinking:

Christina Fallin…

But don’t her eyes seem crazy…??

I feel strongly that a relationship w/ Christina would play out, predictably, as follows:

  1. She accuses you of cheating.
  2. She demands to see your phone, but you can’t give it to her because you actually are cheating (or trying to).
  3. The yelling is so loud that your neighbors call the cops.
  4. When the cops arrest you, she starts attacking the cop.
  5. She tells the Assistant DA that the cop and neighbor lied.
  6. The DA is disgusted by both of you, and drops the charges.
  7. She’s sooo sorry about getting you arrested that she lets you [censored] in her [censored].
  8. You’re in love w/ her all over again.

This repeats until you have kids, get divorced, and end up fighting over custody.

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