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Nigel Farage pwns #Brexit debate   June 12, 2016

Despite a biased moderator and hostile audience, Farage delivered one comprehensive pwning of lobotomized NWO drone after another…

Most notably, Heather (would, btw– don’t judge me)…

Racebaiting feminazis

By far, Farage’s shakiest moments were vs. racebaiting feminazis (including the deranged moderator)…

To be fair to Farage, that is an unwinnable argument– Patrice O’Neal elaborates further…


Hullabaloo re: Leave 55, Stay 45.

But, I can only assume they’ll rig the vote anyway– accelerating the rise of the EU dictatorship as foretold in Revelation


Alex Jones accurately claims he’s been physically attacked by African-Americans 35 times

Would Smash

Marco Rubio stands in front of amazing, luxurious painting

The Regime

Bill Burr accurately compares North Korea to the Boston Red Sox

MFP hereby exonerates Bill Cosby