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Grumpy Bilderberg stormtrooper lady, would ya?   June 10, 2016

Info Wars’ Rob Dew reports from Bilderberg 2016 in Dresden, Germany– where many of the world’s most powerful politicians, bankers, and industrialists meet to write our destinies.

In any case, if I was Paul Joseph Watson:

  1. My hair would be terrific.
  2. I would seduce this Bilderbae and learn her secrets…

GIF’d for posterity…

I know what you’re thinking.

First, you’re thinking:

She would look hot in one of those yodeling outfits…


And then you’re thinking:

Bro, that other one is pretty hot too!!


Rob Dew

You may recall that Dew stumbled on to the one cute Trump supporter in the God forsaken state of Wisconsin.

Then, 2 weeks later, he just happened upon the one hot Colorado GOP delegate…

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