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Low-information voters claim hot Australian chick supports Trump   June 9, 2016

Mark Capra Tweet Email

The FSB this week helped a photo that purportedly showed a woman viciously beaten for supporting Trump go viral:

Of course, nobody that hot gives a shit about politics.

It’s a BTS photo of Australian actress/model Samara Weaving, on set for her 2-episode arc in Starz’ criminally underrated comedy-horror series Ash vs Evil Dead.

After “Bound in Flesh” (S01E08) aired late last year, some in American geekdom claimed Samara was a sluttier, younger version of fellow Aussie, Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad).

I know what you’re thinking:

Not even close.

Margot Robbie is the baddest bitch.

But I’m just gonna say it: Not only does Samara have a better body…

Samara also possesses the naughtier private school stepdaughter spank me face…

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