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Jason Whitlock inaccurately thinks Tamron Hall is “the most beautiful woman”   June 2, 2016

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Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock was instrumental in launching ESPN’s The Undefeated— a satellite website designed to cash in on the racial grievance racket…

Tamron Hall

Appearing on the Rich Eisen Show Wednesday, Whitlock conspired with Eisen to woo MSNBC’s Tamron Hall— whom Whitlock falsely claimed was “the most beautiful woman”…

God damn, he’s lovable.

I genuinely hope a series of unexpected events unfold, resulting in Whitlock and I becoming BFFs– sharing all sorts of Key & Peele-meets-Beverly Hills Cop 2-esque adventures together.

But, as a respected journalist, I have to call it…

Inner City 9, Orange County 5.5


You may recall Tamron Hall’s recent attempt to smear Trump as racist failed hilariously— when MSNBC accidentally aired an accurate portrayal of Trump’s audience…

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