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Even Katy Tur feels bad for Trump supporter that was spit on and had eggs thrown at her   June 2, 2016

Bwahahaha: Hillary steals another election

It was Michelle Fields all over again outside a Trump rally in San Jose, CA. It was so bad that even Katy Tur felt bad for the violence that she and her comrades helped incite…

Even Buzzfeed was like, wut

Initially, Buzzfeed tried to advance the “two groups that were equally to blame clashed” cover-up narrative– as per standard operating procedure.

But the violence was so clearly aimed at Trump supporters that even Andrew Kaczynski was forced to feign a modicum of concern (but note the Freudian slip)…

Oracle Arena

Just an hour north, scenes of violence also plagued Oracle Arena– where the Golden State Warriors def. the Cleveland Cavaliers 104-89…

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